Zackary Momoh says he's usually not a fan of horror — but had a "blast" filming 'Doctor Sleep'

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Riker Brothers PhotographyHarriet star Zackary Momoh is taking on a different type of role in the film adaptation of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep.

In the horror feature -- the sequel to 1980's The Shining -- Ewan McGregor plays the adult Danny Torrance, the boy from The Shining who has psychic abilities. Meanwhile, Momoh plays Dave Stone, a man whose young daughter Abra also has "the shining."

Momoh tells ABC Audio that his character had a very specific job to do.

"I'm there to try and protect my daughter, and both Danny and I try and protect her," he says. "Without giving anything away."

What Momoh doesn't explain is that he and Danny are up against a cult of evil entities that want to feed on Abra's power. Momoh says that he thoroughly enjoyed making the film, even though he's not usually a fan of horror films.

"It's a blast. It's scary," he says, adding that the movie is also "two-and-a-half hours long."

"I'm not really great with horror," Momoh continues. "So, yeah, I think whoever is great with horror is gonna have a feast for the eyes."

Doctor Sleep, also starring Rebecca FergusonKyliegh Curran, and Carl Lumbly, is now in theaters.

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