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Yung Baby Tate discusses her Atlanta music roots and signing to Issa Rae's Raedio label

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Due to the unyielding support of the positive, self-affirming track, “I Am,” buzzed-about rapper and singer Yung Baby Tate is taking over social media. The song features Alabama rapper Flo Milli and shines a spotlight on Tate’s dynamic artistry.

During HotNewHipHop‘s “Rise & Grind” series for new, buzzing and underground artists, 24-year-old Tate revealed she initially started doing performances in Atlanta not too far from where she grew up, in Decatur, Georgia.

“Downtown, that’s I first started doing shows, and around Edgewood is where I really kind of came up as an artist,” says Tate. “It was like growing up in Atlanta. A lot of culture, the hip-hop, the music scene, a lot of it came from Atlanta and from the East Side, specifically, but Atlanta in general. So it was really like being in the coolest place in the world because everyone was super influenced.”

Yung Baby Tate was featured on Dreamville’s 2019 Grammy-nominated album, Revenge of the Dreamers III. Last year, she signed a deal with Issa Rae’s Raedio label, via Atlantic Records, and released her After the Rain EP.

“I respect Issa so much as a businesswoman, as an actress, and I was just really grateful to be able to partner up with someone who I felt understood my visions,” the “Rainbow Cadillac” rapper adds.

Tate said she was grateful to sign with someone who “understood my visions” and the importance of owning her music.

“My ownership of my masters is extremely important to me, and Raedio was super down for that. They just wanted to be a part of what my journey is,” she declares. “I’ve had plenty of offers from other labels and my deal-breaker is ownership of my masters. I’m really, really grateful that we were able to work something out creatively.”

By Rachel George
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