Young “Single Mother” Of Three Dies From “COVID-19”!

A 29-year-old mother of three who had dreams of becoming a nurse to help others passed away from the coronavirus.

Loved ones hope Samantha Diaz’s death will serve as a reminder to the younger population that they’re also vulnerable to the virus and the outcomes could be what you least expect.

“Sometimes I go without eating. It’s just so painful, so painful, I don’t wish this on anyone,” said Anadelia Diaz, Samantha’s mother.

Around mid-June, Samantha Diaz, a medical assistant, called her mother saying she didn’t feel well, showing only minor symptoms similar to a scratchy throat.

Her fever went up days later.

Anadelia Diaz said her daughter also found out one of her coworkers tested positive for the virus.

Her daughter was admitted to JFK Medical Center a week later and got the results from a rapid coronavirus test, confirming what everyone didn’t want to hear – she had coronavirus.

Anadelia Diaz says doctors tried everything from ventilators to an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), known as one of the most aggressive form of life support.

It circulates the blood outside the body to remove carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen.

“I texted her, I love you. She never responded,” she said.

Samantha Diaz’s heart stopped July 10 at JFK Medical Center, blocks away from where she worked as a medical assistant.

She worked paycheck to paycheck to support her three kids.

“Her job would only offer her two-thirds of her pay if she wanted to work from homes,” Anadelia Diaz said. “Of course, that wasn’t an option because she needed what she made, plus some.”

She leaves behind a 2-year-old Adriann, 1-year-old Anaya and Ricardo, who laid his mother to rest on his 15th birthday.

Although Samantha Diaz’s job made her vulnerable of catching the virus, her mother says her daughter worried more about people forgetting to take precaution as the state reopened.

“I understand the economy and all that, but lives are important too. I feel that if Florida would not have reopened, my daughter would still be alive,” Anadelia Diaz said.

She is now taking care of her three grandchildren full time, since she’s all they have.

“I am scared of what’s going to happen to me down the road,” Diaz said. “In another 10 years, am I still going to be here? Who’s going to care for these children?”

The 29-year-old’s two youngest children, Adriann and Anaya, tested positive while their mother was sick.