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You Are Going To Have To Wait Until July To See If Your Student Loans Will Be Forgiven

Students socializing in the lobby of the university
Close up of a group of students socializing in the lobby of the university




Americans looking to get their loans forgiven by the US Government will have to wait until late
June or early July according to CNN.


While student loan payments have paused since March 2020, the Supreme Court heard arguments for President Biden’s student loan forgiveness proposal last week.


Reportedly, if the highest court approves the proposal, debt cancellations will occur quickly.


I don’t even see why this is a thing, other countries enjoy luxuries like free college and free healthcare and here we are awaiting a Supreme Court decision on whether loans to students (many of them low-income students) should bear the burden of paying back $20-30,000 making their life stressful.


No word on when loan payments will begin again.