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Yara Shahidi and Chloe x Halle share advice and lessons learned from their 'grown-ish' characters

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Yara Shahidi and singers Chloe x Halle return for the second half of the third season of grown-ish with plenty of challenges in store for their characters.

Ahead of the show’s return, Shahidi tells ABC Audio that her character Zoey Johnson, who fans last saw had quit Cal U to become a full time stylist, will continue to be “tested” this season.

“I feel like every single one of our characters is going through such a large transition when we meet them again,” Shahidi says. “And I think one large part of this season has really been focusing on community because so many of our journeys are so intertwined. And… we have to support one another.”

“I feel [she is] definitely tested,” she continues. “Especially since Zoey temporarily leaves the Cal U community.”

While Shahidi focuses on the support Zoey needs, her co-star Chloe Bailey finds a deeper connection to her character Jazz.

“The advice I would give her is that, ‘It’s OK to put yourself first and… focus on your dreams and aspirations,'” Chloe says. “[Jazz’s] confused on what she should do… So I think even for me…as a 22 year-old woman, I’m really just learning that it’s OK to put myself first and really focus on my goals and my dreams.”

Chloe’s sister Halle agrees, adding that she learned a lot from her grown-ish character Sky.

“I feel like Sky and I blend together so well,” Halle says. “She is definitely a piece of me now and even helped me [to] share how I really feel in my real life and learn to just be OK with saying things outright. So, yeah, she’s helped me grow so much.” 

Grown-ish airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

By Candice Williams
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