Word On The Curb: Wendy Williams Gets Emotional Talking About Her Divorce, Rumored Suspect in David Ortiz Shooting Hired Police, DJ Khaled Planning A Lawsuit Against Billboard

Wendy Williams Gets Emotional Talking About Her Divorce  

She was was wrapping up her weekend in L.A., while on a Sunday night food run to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles she was asked by paparazzi if we’ll ever see her and Kevin Hunter make peace. She begin, “Please don’t make me cry” … and then spilled the tea. As for the fight between Kevin and their son, she says, “Stuff happens in life” … and “Everybody’s gotta grow up.” Wendy basically said she would not let their divorce get in the way of sharing their son’s future milestones.

Word on the Curb is, the staff of her show say she’s been in good spirits, and been great to work with since filing for divorce. But, at the end of the day, she is divorcing a man and a life she’s lived from 21 years so Wendy is going through all sorts of emotions, and they poured out Sunday night.

Allegedly this new “man” in her life is super young…28 years young….has two kids…and was introduced to her by Blac Chyna. Sources say Wendy flew him back to NY with her. Things aren’t all bad Wendy is doing her best to live her new life.

Rumored Suspect in David Ortiz Shooting Hired Police


Leo Lopeza representative for Ortiz, says they’re convinced someone was hired to kill the retired Boston Red Sox star Sunday night. Sources claim that a drug lord hired two policeman to shoot him alleging he was having an affair with his wife. Mind you Ortiz has been married since 2002 with three kids. So far Eddy Feliz Garcia was taken into custody. He was the one driving the motorcycle but didn’t pull the trigger. Fans chased Garcia and gave him a proper beat down. A second man was arrested but his identity has not been released to the public yet. David is recovering in a Boston hospital.

DJ Khaled Planning A Lawsuit Against Billboard

Allegedly, the chart organization disqualified more than 100,000 in sales of his album Father of Asahd, which cost him the No. 1 spot.

Khaled was pissed when his album came in at No.  2 to Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR. Sources say he ran up in his label, Epic Records, reeking hell because he was told that approximately 100,000 downloads that were sold through a bundle deal with an energy drink would count towards his Billboard stats. Billboard backtracked and disqualified Khaled’s entire sales from the promotion, saying there were “strange anomalies in the data.”

Khaled’s lawyers sent a legal letter to Silvio Pietroluongo, SVP of charts and data development at Billboard but Billboard didn’t budge.

Bundling has become a standard but controversial industry practice to boost sales. Tyler, the Creator also bundled IGOR with merch including T-shirts and posters. Billboard is reviewing its rules allowing artists to bundle albums with merch and will outline a new policy for 2020.


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Former NFL star Joe Montana- 63