Word On The Curb: Wed, Aug 14th “Ciara and Russell Wilson Making Big Moves!; Phaedra & Apollo Join Atlanta Housewives; Jay-Z & Roc Nation Team Up With NFL”

Ciara and Russell Wilson Making Big Moves!

Ciara and Russell are proving why they are the next big power couple. Back in April they launched their production company ‘Why Not You’ to focus on film, TV and digital content. Now they just become co-owners of the Seattle Sounders soccer team! Sharing ownership with the likes of — rapper Macklemore and his wife, former Microsoft executive Terry Myerson and his wife and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his wife are also members of the ownership group.

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Phaedra & Apollo Join Atlanta Housewives

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have both signed on to the new season of Atlanta Housewives – and they are set to film their first scene together next week.

Filming of the new season is underway. This will be the first time Apollo has seen his sons, outside of prison in more than 5 years – so it’s expected to be emotional. Pulling this off though was difficult. First off, they had to beef up security because of Apollo’s criminal background. They also had to purchase a special insurance policy to cover them, in the event anything goes wrong during filming. Second, Bravo had to give Phaedra a GIANT bag before she agreed to sign on. Word on the Curb is Phaedra may become the second highest paid housewife of the season, behind only Nene.

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Jay-Z & Roc Nation Team Up With NFL

 To form entertainment, social justice partnership to enhance live game experiences and beef up the NFL social justice efforts. Commissioner Roger Goodell says he wants to put the league in the best position to move forward. Jay says basically the NFL is a big platform that needs to be all-inclusive; if they are willing to make changes we can do some good. Remember Jay and Beyonce we super critical of the NFL over the Colin Kaepernick drama but now he’s partnering with them? Sports Journalist Jemele Hill tweeted “If Colin Kaepernick isn’t part of this, I’m not sure how to feel about this. Very curious about these details.”

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