Word On The Curb: Tues, Sept 10th “MC Lyte Sued for $38,000 By Artist Claiming Unpaid Work; Bobby Brown Kicked Off Plane”


MC Lyte Sued for $38,000 By Artist Claiming Unpaid Work

Word on the Curb is MC Lyte is being sued by an artist she hired to work on a project who claims he never got paid.

Christopher Smith claims he was hired as an artist, animator and writer for MC Lyte’s entertainment management and production firm, Sunni Gyrl, but he was never paid for the 1,228 hours put into the project. Christorpher claims he is owed a total of $38,375.

Apparently he was fired from the project and only sent a portion of what he was owed, $11,250….and the check bounced!!!!

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Word on the Curb is Bobby Brown was sitting in first class when the altercation happened.  The incident led to the airline ordering everyone off the plane. Bobby was held at the entrance door while everyone else got off, and cops were called to the gate to speak with him.

TMZ sources say Bobby could be heard yelling at the officers that he had to get to his brother’s funeral. At one point, there were 4 cops surrounding him … but they were able to calm him down.

Didn’t Bobby’s brother, Tommy, pass away in 2016? It was actually one of Bobby’s cousins who passed.

Eventually, everyone was allowed back on the plane — except Bobby. It’s unclear if he was arrested, but we’ve confirmed he did not get back on the plane.

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