Word On The Curb: Tues, Oct 29th “Kim Kardashian Worried About Kanye’s Mental State; Comedians and Musicians Pay Tribute to Dave Chappelle Receives Mark Twain Award; Kirk Franklin Boycotts Dove Awards After His Police Brutality Speech Is Edited For TV”

Kim Kardashian Worried About Kanye’s Mental State

Word on the Curb is Kanye is excited about his new album “Jesus Is King”, and wants to tour as soon as possible. He is in a much better place mentally than he was during his last tour. The “Saint Pablo” Tour came to an abrupt stop when Kanye was hospitalized for his mental health.

However Kim is nervous about her hubby going on tour because of how the last one went down. She supports the tour but still has some concerns. Sources say she doesn’t want him to go crazy and do an intense tour with no breaks. She wants him to focus on his well-being and mental health too.

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Comedians and Musicians Pay Tribute to Dave Chappelle Receives Mark Twain Award

Dave Chapelle was praised for his bravery, sociological influence and a thought leader in the culture.

Michael Che, co-host of Weekend Update on “Saturday Night Live” called Chappelle, “the entertainment equivalent of what they call a five-tool player in baseball. He can perform, he can write, he can do characters. That’s why his fan-base is so wide.”

Sunday night’s ceremony was a homecoming for Chappelle, who as raised in suburban Silver Spring, Maryland and attended Washington’s prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

“Going there was one of the great privileges of my life,” he said on the red carpet. “D.C. in the ’80s was turbulent and I met a bunch of young black artists who taught me it was OK to be different. It was OK to be weird.”

Musician John Legend paid tribute to Chappelle’s passion for music and determination to use his influence to spotlight different artists. At the height of his fame, Chappelle organized “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party” — a movie built around an all-star concert featuring Legend, the Roots and a reunion of The Fugees.

“He’s a gifted curator who blends different worlds seamlessly,” Legend said. “That’s why you see so many musicians coming to this stage to pay tribute.”

Chappelle spoke with reverence about the Mark Twain prize and the “art form” of stand-up comedy. He noted that the list of previous recipients reads like a roll call of his heroes, including Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

“To be on a list with Richard Pryor is just unfathomable to me,” Chappelle said. “The shoulders that I stand on are all here on this list.”
The ceremony will be broadcast Jan. 7 on PBS.

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Kirk Franklin Boycotts Dove Awards After His Police Brutality Speech Is Edited For TV

Kirk Franklin has announced that he is boycotting the Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, after finding out that his acceptance speech, which tackled police brutality, was edited for television.

The edited version aired on Trinity Broadcasting Network, and his remarks on Atatiana Jefferson, the unarmed Black woman who was recently shot and killed in her home by a Fort Worth police officer – were cut out.

Here’s what Kirk said in his speech:

“A young girl by the name of Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed in her home by a policeman, and I am just asking that we send up prayers for her family and for his, and asking that we send up prayers for that 8-year-old little boy that saw that tragedy,” he said on stage at the awards show.

The organization has since apologized to Franklin:

“We accept the responsibility of our error,” Gospel Music Association president Jackie Patillo said in part in a letter of apology to Franklin. “Although completely unintentional, we understand it caused great harm and deeply wounded many in the African American and Gospel community. As well, it left a general perception that we are not concerned with key social issues that affect people of color. It is not our intent to disregard or silence any of our artists, and we are deeply saddened by this perception and are committed to change this,” she wrote per Billboard.

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