Word On The Curb: Thurs, Jan 9th "Lady Gaga Apologizes for Collaborating with R Kelly; Wendy Williams Postpones Return to Show; Comedian Mo'Nique Lands New Gig"

Lady Gaga Apologizes For Collaborating w/ R.Kelly

Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity denounce R.Kelly as a result of the “Surviving R.Kelly” documentary. Since the released, Gaga had been criticized for not speaking out and criticizing R.Kelly. So early this morning, Gaga issued a lengthy statement, explaining that the song that they collaborated on (“Do What U Want (With My Body),”) was done when she was in unhealthy space. As a sexual assault survivor,  Gaga says that she believes the alleged victims and is horrified by their experiences. Gaga apologized for her poor judgment and not speaking out sooner and said she’s working on getting their song removed for all platforms. See her complete statement on our website.

Wendy Williams Postpones Return To Talk Show For 2nd Time, Panel Will Host In Her Absence

Wendy Williams is postponing her return to her talk show, for a second time. Last week, she announced that she was taking more time off and would return January 14th. They say she is still healing for an injury suffered last month. Word On the Curb is she dealing with the rumors of her husband Kevin and the secret love child. Kevin held a staff meeting on Monday, everyone thought he was going to provide an update on Wendy’s health but instead ranted for an hour about the leaks coming out of the show to the press. Wendy staffers said he was intimidating and threatened whomever was the source would be caught. He’s even been testing people by leaking info to certain people to see can catch someone. A hit dog hollers! #IJS. The strangest part is he provided no update on Wendy’s health but looks like she will return until Jan 21st. In the meantime, the show will be hosted by a panel of “Hot Talkers”

Comedian Mo’Nique Lands A New Gig

Starting today she will do a residency at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas.This comes after the major fallout earlier this year when she asked fans to boycott Netflix for alleged racial and gender bias after they only offered her $500,000 for a comedy special. Mo’Nique felt the amount was disrespectfully low compared to other stand up acts. But nonetheless, Mo’Nique is back to work. Would you be going to see her in Vegas?

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