Word On The Curb: Thurs, Aug 29th “Common Confirms He and Angela Rye Are Dating Again!; Judge Mathis Denies Spitting On Valet. Valet is Demands DNA Test To Prove He Did; Missy Elliott Lost Her Diamond Necklace Backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards”

Common Confirms He and Angela Rye Are Dating Again!

The two were dating but split in March 2018. Rumors swirled about him possibly dating his ex Erykah Badu after they performed “The Light” at Black Girls Rock! On Sunday. Common confirmed during an interview with Angie Martinez that he is not boo’d up with Erykah, while the two remain close friends, more like family. He also did however confirm that he and Angela are back together. Common admits he had to work on his issues and get himself together.

Commons says:

“I’m really happy,” he said. “I think being able to go through situations where I didn’t do good in relationships, some of that was my responsibility, and after repeating that, being like ‘What am I doing wrong?’ and working on self, I’m able to come to a relationship more like whole. This is where I am with it, this is what I’m looking for. If things change, then let’s communicate. I’m real honest with myself. Therapy helped me to do that. It helped me to be like, some of the stuff I’m putting on this person is really stuff from my childhood; baggage I’m carrying. This ain’t that person. [It also helped me] to be able to say the things that I really want and communicate those things; and also to be able to take a situation where I’m stressed about something and not make it about them. They might not even be doing anything wrong, but you can take the stresses of your day and put that on the relationship.”

Overall, he says that he’s a better boyfriend for her now, and he’s with a person he can really have fun with, despite them both having public images that tend to be on the serious side.

“We dated and then I had to get myself together and she was doing some work,” he said. “She’s a strong cookie, but she’s good people and really a good balance and fun, too. I need a partner who is fun because we go out there and do the work and constantly, I’m living out the things I’m passionate about. But so many times I’m talking about the things that are going on in the world, serious things in life, so I just need somebody that’s like, we can just talk and have fun.”

Judge Mathis Denies Spitting On Valet. Valet is Demanding DNA Test To Prove He Did

Judge Mathis is defending these allegations against him to the court of social media. He said on Instagram,

“First of all, it was a 40-minute wait. And when he came I yelled at him and asked why would he take my car for 40 minutes, or the keys to my car. And he began to apologize, and then he said something I think, ‘I went to the store,’ or something that was more ridiculous than the apology. So we had a verbal back and forth and that was the extent of it. It was no spitting. It was six witnesses there if they want to ask them. I was standing there outside of the place with the owner’s son who asked if I wanted to do something about it, and I said ‘No, let it go.’ And that was the extent of it. I don’t know if this is a money grab, which I suspect it is. But you know, this happens all the time…”

Karri Mitchell, the lawyer for the valet said that they plan on taking Judge Mathis’s alleged spit to get a DNA test and prove he indeed did allegedly spit on him. Mitchell added that the supposed spit wasn’t just on the valet’s face, but also on his shirt. Detroit police are currently investigating.

Missy Elliott Lost Her Diamond Necklace Backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards

Missy Elliott took home a Moon Person, but lost her diamonds.

The singer took to Instagram to reveal she lost one of her diamond necklaces backstage at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards and asked for its return.

“Anyone found this necklace at the VMAs backstage or know anything about it there’s a reward it’s the shorter one… thanks.”

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