Word On The Curb: Mon, Nov 17th “Porsha Williams Wants A TV Wedding Special; Colin Kaepernick Goes Rogue On The NFL During His Workout”

Porsha Williams Wants A TV Wedding Special

Porsha Williams was publicly humiliated when rumors started to swirl of her fiancée, Dennis McKinley, cheating while she was pregnant. The details played out on the first few episodes of the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

At an appearance at the first-ever BravoCon in New York City this weekend, Porsha let her fans know that while we’re watching her life playback painful memories, all is well in real-time.

“You will hopefully see me get married on television,” she said according to PEOPLE.

“This journey that I’ve been on, in television, I have committed to it. I’m committed to whatever my truth is and that being told in my own way,” Porsha continued in her BravoCon interview.

“The beginning of the season was very hard on me. But it was my reality at the time,” she said. “Neither of us wanted it but what we’re going through. … It’s so embarrassing. … I was just doing a baby special, I was just putting our relationship out there as this amazing thing. And then you get to this point that this is happening?”

Porsha said she hopes her journey can heal others as many women are living with the shared experience of forgiving a lover who has been unfaithful.

“Just as we had a beautiful beginning, the ending could also be beautiful,” she said. “What we’re going through is reality,” she added. “Other people are going through it. By them seeing him take responsibility, me learning to forgive — all of that is something that will hopefully empower them.”


Colin Kaepernick Goes Rogue On The NFL During His Workout

On Saturday, Kaepernick completed an untraditional, private 40-minute workout in front of representatives from eight NFL teams on Saturday (Nov. 16th). From the beginning, there were mixed reactions about the the planned NFL workout.

Three hours before the scheduled workout that was supposed to take place at the Atlanta Falcons facility, Kaepernick and his reps decided to host their own showcase at a local high school. Word on the Curb is Kaepernick and the NFL cold not come to agreement with allowing the media to attend his workout so he took matters into his own hands and changed the location.

Media personality Nessa Diab, who is also Kaepernick’s long-term girlfriend posted details of the new location which included a statement that addressed the media access for transparency.

“Mr. Kaepernick request all media be allowed into the workout  to observe and film it for their independent film crew to be there to ensure transparency.”

Kaepernick saluted about 250 fans and signed autographs before addressing the media after his workout, which was moved about 60 miles from the Atlanta Falcons’ facility in Flowery Branch to Charles R. Drew High School in Riverdale.

Reportedly, Kaepernick made an impression on a few of the front office members during his workout Saturday. According to reports, one NFL executive called Kaepernick’s talent, “elite”.

“After today’s workout in Atlanta, an NFL executive at Colin Kaepernick’s throwing session said his arm talent is “elite” and is the same as when he came out of college. He said that Kaepernick threw the ball well.”

In his message after the workout, Colin says:

“I’ve been ready for three years. I’ve been denied for three years. We all know why I came out here. [I] showed it today in front of everybody. We have nothing to hide. So we’re waiting for the 32 owners, 32 teams, Roger Goodell, all of them stop running. Stop running from the truth. Stop running from the people.”

As of now, the ball is in the NFL front offices’ court to take the risk and sign the talented quarterback to their roster.



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