Word On The Curb: Mon, Dec 3rd “Majic Johnson’s Daughter Escapes Home Invasion; Duane Martin Accused of Bankruptcy Scam;


Over the weekend, armed robbers broke into a home where Magic Johnson’s daughter, Elisa Johnson (23), was staying with nine other people in an Airbnb. Luckily she got away unharmed and was able to escape through a back sliding door and ran to a neighbor’s home.  It was reported that the two armed men held the other nine people at gunpoint, but noone was harmed. The burglars robbed them of $40K dollars in jewelry and cash.

Duane Martin Accused Of A Bankruptcy Scam

According to bankruptcy officials, Duane Martin,  has been hiding money for years despite he and Tisha filing for bankruptcy in January 2016.

Officials say that he was collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from a clothing store and real estate investments but did not disclose the information in his bankruptcy documentation. It wasn’t until Tisha Campbell filed for divorce back in February that the “concealed” income become known.

Officials also said Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him a $1.4 million loan to buy a home and which Duane sold a made a million dollar profit. Officials are asking Duane Martin to turn over the cash that he’s been hiding. Tisha is also asking for money she says he was hiding during their marriage.


Speaking of marriage woes. Shocking allegations of domestic abuse and sexual assault have been levied against Producer, director, Salim Akim, who is married to famed Executive Producer Mara Brock Akil. Amber Dixon Brenner claims to have had a relationship with him during his marriage and alleges he physically and sexually abused her. She the abuse included slapping, strangling, and forced oral sex. For example she said during a birthday party in LA Akil asked her to follow him to the bathroom where he slapped her and commanded her to perform oral sex. She alleges he urinated in her mouth and photographed a sexual encounter without her consent. Salim responded to the accusations through his attorney:

These allegations are deeply upsetting – but they are also totally untrue. We will defend Salim to the fullest against the false and offensive claims that a woman with whom he had a past relationship has included in multiple unsubstantiated lawsuits. Salim looks forward to clearing his name and to being able to focus on his work and his family

She is also suing, his wife Mara and the OWN network for copyright infringement, claiming Salim took a 2016 screenplay of hers and used as the basis for the couple’s OWN series, Love Is. Warner Bros TV has started an investigation. OWN nor Oprah Winfrey have yet to comment

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