Word On The Curb: May 23 Live Recreation of “The Jeffersons” & “All In the Family” Were A Hit, Lena Waithe Is The Most Envious Woman on the Planet Today, Wendy Williams’ Son Arrested

Live Recreation of “The Jeffersons” & “All In the Family” Were A Hit

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and creator of the shows, Norman Lear. The 90-minute special did not disappoint. The relevance of the show was a reminder that not much has changed socially in this country. The conversations that were being had 40 years ago are not only conversations we are still having, but ones we still need to have. Archie was a such a bigot and womanizer, but so was George Jefferson. These shows dealt with topics head on and were intended to make you feel uncomfortable. The cast was amazing! Jennifer Hudson slayed the theme song. Jamie Foxx absolutely killed it a George Jefferson, he blew one of his line but it was funny. Wanda Sykes, as “Weezy” was just ok. I didn’t feel like she brought anything special to the role. Woody Harrelson as Archie and Maria Tomei as Edith Bunker, Ellie Kemper as Archie’s “feminist daughter” nailed it. And who can forget Marla Gibb’s grand entrance as “Florence”. ABC pulled of an entertaining tribute to society then and now…showing how television continues to provide a platform for important conversations. Kudos to Norman Lear a visionary, 96 years young, who challenged the status quo.

Lena Waithe Is The Most Envious Woman on the Planet Today

While Jimmy Kimmel was hosting the Live ABC recreation of “The Jeffersons” and “All in the Family”. Lena filled in for him hosting his late night show. In her opening monologue she admitted she nervous. So her friend, Halle Berry made a surprise visit and asked how she could help. Lena told Halle she needed some inspiration, like the speech she gave at the Oscars…and specifically asked for some “Halle Berry juice” So Halle goes into this speech affirming all of the amazing things about Lena, after she was done she asked, “You good or need something else?”, Lena said “I’m good”, Halle said “No, I think you need something else” and proceeded to give her a passionate kiss.

Wendy Williams’ Son Arrested

…For assault after punching his dad and Wendy’s estranged husband in the face. The incident happened in a store parking lot near their home in Jersey. They got in an argument over Kevin’s demand for spousal support. Kevin Sr, claimed Wendy was “brainwashing” their son against him. Things got physical when Sr., allegedly put Jr. in a headlock, that’s when Kevin punched him in the nose to break free. Cops are investigating the incident and Kevin Sr., says he will not press charges.


Maxwell is 46

Drew Carey is 61.

Ryan Coogler is 33.  Director of “Black Panther” and “Creed”.