Word On The Curb: May 14 Good News For RHOA NeNe, Omarosa Suing Donald Trump For Pay Discrimination, Tiger Woods Being Sued

Good News For RHOA NeNe!

Her husband Gregg Leakes has undergone a tough battle with cancer, which has been publicly documented on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and on social media. Not to mention it put a serious strain on their marriage, they even contemplated divorce.  Thankfully though, things are looking up. According to a recent Instagram post, NeNe said that no cancer has been detected in Gregg’s most recent scans and he is in remission.

Omarosa Suing Donald Trump For Pay Discrimination

After 15 years of working for Donald Trump, defending his racism and telling America to “bow down,” Omarosa now claims she wasn’t paid fairly. She has joined the lawsuit of Alva Johnson, a Black former aide for Trump’s election campaign and accused the president of sexual harassment and underpaying women during her time working for him. Interesting how two people would work for a known sexist, racist and accused sexual predator and now all of sudden take issue with him being a sexist, racist and sexual predator. Sounds like opportunists who want reparations they don’t deserve.

Tiger Woods Being Sued

The parents of Nicholas Immesberger have filed the lawsuit — claiming Nicholas had worked as a bartender at Tiger’s The Woods restaurant in Jupiter, Florida … and knew Tiger personally. According to the suit, Tigers girlfriend, Erica Herman, encouraged him to stay after he finished his shift on Dec. 10, 2018. He stayed for hours where he was served alcohol to the point of “severe intoxication” before getting in his car to drive home. Immesberger crashed and died in the accident. His blood alcohol level was .256, more than 3 times the legal limt. Now his family is pointing the finger at Erica, Tiger and the restaurant, claiming they knew he was an alcoholic and allowed him to be served anyway. Nicholas was just 24 years old.


Shanice is 46.  She had a big hit in 1991, “I Love Your Smile”.

Raphael Saadiq is 53.  One third of Tony! Toni! Tone!

Mark Zuckerberg is 35.  Founder of Facebook.