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Word On The Curb: March 7 Sad News For Host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek, Just in time for Women’s History Month Barbie Unveils the faces of their new “Sheroe” dolls, Part Three Of R Kelly’s Sit Down With Gayle King,


Sad News For Host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek 

The beloved host shared in a video he has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer but plans to “fight” the disease. In his usual joking manner Alex, says


Because under the terms of my contract, I have to host Jeopardy! for three more years! So help me. Keep the faith and we’ll win. We’ll get it done. Thank you.”


Just in time for Women’s History Month Barbie Unveils the faces of their new “Sheroe” dolls.

Grownish actress Yara Shahidi, Model Adwoa Aboah will get their Own ‘Sheroes’ Barbie Dolls. April 2nd is Women’s Equal Pay day, it’s no secret there is wage gap and other disadvantages to women’s equality and earning power. Few people are aware of the research that revealed suggesting girls can be affected by limiting self-beliefs at as young as five years old.

 Mattel’s Barbie brand has been working diligently to fight the Dream Gap, launching its own global initiatives to raise awareness of these issues. The Dream Gap Project, now followed by the Dream Gap Project Fund, will donate one dollar from every doll sold in the United States, up to $250,000. Shahidi was chosen for her achievements in acting and activism



Word On the Curb is R. Kelly lying through his teeth when he says he’s trying to have a relationship with his children, because he’s had a chance to for years and ignored it.
Sources are calling BS on his antics in the interview, particularly the part of about “trying to have a relationship with my kids.” They say he hasn’t tried to reach out to his 3 children since 2017. He went ballistic during his interview and at one point screamed he was only trying to repair ties with his kids and didn’t care about his career. Yet he changed his number and never gave it to Drea.
R Kelly’s daughter, Buku Abi, also says in an Instagram post that she and her siblings have been estranged from their father for years and called him a monster, which he says the kids have been brainwashed by Drea. Well we do know is he hasn’t financially supported his kids… which is why he was arrested again yesterday (Wednesday). He appeared before the judge and offered to give $50K with a payment plan option … but it didn’t fly.
So he will remain in jail until he pays the $161K owed in back child support.

If you are celebrating a birthday, you are in good company:

Comedian Wanda Sykes- 54

Actor Brandon Jackson – 34