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Word On The Curb: March 27 Prosecutor Who Dropped Charges Against Jussie Smollett Believes He’s Guilty, Wendy Williams Set To Go On Hiatus Four Weeks After Her Return, Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” Breaking More Records, Issa Rae Is Officially Off The Market

Prosecutor who dropped charges against Jussie Smollett believes he’s guilty

Lawyers with the Chicago police department are trying to determine if they can legally release evidence in the investigation of Jussie Smollett despite a judge sealing the case. Prosecutors cleared him of all 16 felony counts after Jussie served two days of community service and agreed to forfeit his $10,000 bond even though the city spent more than $150,000 on his case. State prosecutor Joe Magats said he believes Smollett made up the allegations, but says because it is a non-violent case it would only qualify for community service and a financial penalty. He goes on to say their priority is violent crimes and the cause of violent crime.  Meanwhile the FBI is still investigating a threatening letter Smollett allegedly sent to himself in January, so his legal troubles are not over.


Wendy Williams Set To Go On Hiatus Four Weeks After Her Return

Next week Wendy is back off the air for a week. She said the break was previously scheduled. Some speculate the break is because of another relapse on Monday. Word on the Curb is Wendy is not taking the news of her husband’s mistress giving birth very well. So after the show on Monday, Wendy checked herself out of the sober living house; was found drunk and unresponsive and rushed to the hospital.

Wendy is considering divorcing Kevin. She’s really distraught over the situation, she knew about Sharina but didn’t think a baby would arrive, she didn’t think Kevin would go this far, she’s lost and everyone is worried for her.”

Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” Breaking More Records

She released her highly anticipated memoir, “Becoming,” back in November. In its first 15 days of release, the book sold 15 million copies – making it #1 in several countries!  The publisher, Penguin Random House, recently revealed that it may, in fact, be the best-selling memoir of all-time. Globally, “Becoming” has sold nearly 19 million copies in all forms, print, audiobooks, and e-books!

Issa Rae is officially off the market

She was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring. Issa is pretty private about her private life. Word on the Curb she is engaged to her long-time boyfriend Louis Diame.

If you are celebrating a birthday, you are in good company:

Mariah Carey, 49

Jessie J, 31

Fergie, 44

Halle Bailey, 19 (Chloe Bailey)

Quentin Tarantino – 56