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Word On The Curb: March 13 R.Kelly’s Ex Girlfriend Dominque Gardner Speaks Out, College Scam! Rich Folks Caught Gaming The System


Dominique Gardner, who was featured on the documentary surviving R Kelly, , whose mother helped her to escape, has opened up about what it was like to being with R Kelly. She revealed a lot of details including the fact she was made to sleep with other men during her relationship. She confirmed it’s true that they couldn’t drink without permission. She would often rebel and be punished by being spanked, beat and starved. Dominique describes a time when she threw a carrot at him, he beat her and pulled out patches of her hair. Dominque confirms that investigators have interviewed her but she refuses to testify against him. She just wants to put this behind her a live a private life. While she believes he does need help but the best punishment is not jail time rather he be confined to a house studio where he can write and produce music because music gets him through but with a 24 hour therapist on-site.


50 people were indicted for allegedly paying bribe money to get their kids into college actress Felicity Huffman was one of them. She

was a target of the federal investigation into bribery in the college admissions process. The feds showed up to her door Tuesday morning with guns drawn. Sources say she knew an arrest was imminent. Felicity is being indicted for conspiracy to commit mail fraud. The indictment claims she made charitable contributions of $15K to participate in a college entrance exam cheating scheme for her daughter. Her daughter was given twice the amount of time to take the SAT and paid to have the proctor correct her answers afterward. She ended up scoring a 1420,… approximately 400 points over her PSAT. The ringer leader in the scam is a guy by the name of Rick Singer, author of multi-million dollar scheme to cheat on admissions tests and bribe college coaches.

Word on the Curb is wealthy parents from exclusive private schools are calling are paranoid, around, asking if Rick Singer copped a plea. A few of the schools where the scams were used are USC, Yale, Georgetown.


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