Word On The Curb: Jan 6 Being Mary Jane’ is Coming Back, The Grammy’s will celebrate Motown’s 60th Anniversary with a special performance, Duane Martin Claims Tisha Campbell Is Careless W/ Their Children, Tyra Banks Launching a Business Venture Where Anyone can be a Model

Being Mary Jane’ is Coming Back!

BET announced released a trailer for the two-hour TV movie that will hopefully answer the questions we were all left with when the show ended in 2017. Being Mary Jane, the series, followed the personal and professional shenanigans of Gabrielle Union‘s character Mary Jane Paul and ended with a marriage proposal from news  producer Justin Talbot played by Michael Ealy. So in trailer there is clearly a wedding but we don’t know if she’s marrying Justin or one of her former dudes like the married may Andre Daniels, played by Omari Hardwick or her first love David Paulk, played by Stephen Bishop. Being Mary Jane the movie premieres on BET, April 16th

The Grammy’s will celebrate Motown’s 60th Anniversary with a special performance.


Who do you think they confirmed to headline a celebration of black excellence?

Jennifer Lopez!. Yes she’s one of the biggest entertainers but she’s not exactly the first artist you think of when you hear, “Motown”…home to the likes of The Jackson 5, The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder. Needless to say people are just confused….why didn’t they get an artist who was directly connected to Motown or at the very least an artist who is known for soul music…hell someone black would do!

Duane Martin Claims Tisha Campbell Is Careless W/ Their Children

Duane Martin filed new court documents against his wife Tisha Campbell on Tuesday. Just last week, Tisha said that Duane was emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive to her within their 20+ year marriage. Now he is taking shots at Tisha for her alleged negligence when it comes to their children, and how she has no educational background. Duane said that their children never do their homework when they’re with her. They both have joint custody and with the current arrangement have  to drop their kids at a police station which Duane does not think is a good look for their kids. He still hasn’t responded to being abusive to Campbell within their marriage. Nasty divorces are never good for the kids!



Tyra Banks Launching a Business Venture Where Anyone can be a Model


She is working on a theme park called ‘Modelland’…a 21,000 square foot fantasy modeling world. It will be an anchor store in the Santa Monica Mall and include multi-level entertainment where people can eat, shop and model. This has been in the works for 10 years. Tyra says she was inspired by Disneyland. Modelland is expected to open sometime this year.


If you are celebrating a birthday, you are in good company:

Bob Marley

Natalie Cole



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