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Word On The Curb: Jan.31 Lil Wayne Suing His Ex-Lawyer, Jay Z and Beyoncé Giving Away Tickets for Life, Drake Hands Out $20,000 to Two McDonald Employees


Lil Wayne Suing His Ex-Lawyer

Lil Wayne claims that his former attorney, Ronald Sweeney, swindled him out of $20 million. Sweeney was Wayne’s lawyer from 2005 to 2018 and charged 10 percent for every deal, which is well above the standard five percent. Wayne also claims he tried to get another 10 percent from Lil Wayne’s label Young Money but didn’t. Word on the curb, Sweeney also allegedly got another firm involved in Weezy’s battle with Birdman and when the other firm got their cut, Sweeney got ten percent of that too.


Jay Z and Beyoncé Giving Away Tickets for Life

Under one condition… you have to become a vegan! Hov and Bey have just launched the Green print Project, a plant based diet with the 22 days of nutrition system. They believe if more people incorporated plant-based diet it could have lasting positive effects on the planet and your body and the way to do that becomes your “Greenprint”. Beyonce’s “greenprint” is a plant-based breakfast and no meat on Monday’s. To win the lifetime concert tickets you have to commit to their vegan diet plan or at least a partial vegan lifestyle. To register . greenprint

Drake Hands Out $20,000 to Two McDonald Employees

***UPDATE: A PR company for McDonald’s confirmed, Drake gave out $200 worth of tips not $20,000 as originally reported

Drake is still out here doing good deeds. Over the weekend, he took a trip to a McDonald’s in California and gave two female employees $10,000! Why? We still don’t know but it was all caught by another customer who photographed the play by play and posted it on Twitter. Drake is no stranger to random acts of kindness. Remember during the filming of his video for “God’s Plan”, he gave away $1 million dollars in random to random people right here in Florida.


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