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Word On The Curb: Feb 12 Motown Records Approves of J. Lo’s Motown Tribute, Mary J Blige Is Dating Again, Cardi B Deactivates Her IG Account,


Motown Records Approves of J. Lo’s Motown Tribute

The 61st annual Grammy Awards have come and gone, but people are still talking about one of the most controversial aspects of the ceremony, Jennifer Lopez’s Motown tribute. Some were not here for it, but Motown Records apparently feels differently sharing their thoughts on social media; one was simply captioned “A PERFORMANCE TO REMEMBER,” with a photo of Jennifer Lopez and Smokey Robinson embracing on stage during their performance. A second post featured a picture of Lopez on top of a piano during Ne-Yo’s performance.

Mary J Blige Is Dating Again !!

Mary J Blige skipped the Grammys to accompany her new boyfriend, an African prince to the72nd British Academy Film Awards. The identity of the man is unknown, what is known is that the couple traveled with his security and in his bulletproof Mercedes Benz. Mary J. Blige left the awards Vogue x Tiffany Fashion and Film after party at Annabel’s in London holding hands with the mystery man. She recently finalized her divorce from Kendu Isaacs, after a 12-year marriage, details of the settlement are confidential but she had definitely moved on.

Cardi B Deactivates Her IG Account

Hours after winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album, Cardi B has deactivated her Instagram account leaving fans wondering why she would do such a thing. Before taking the account down, she did a post defending the hard work she has put into making the album that successfully won a Grammy.

Cardi said in her IG video, “I’m seeing a lot of sh*t (“stuff”) today and I saw a lot of bullsh*t (“it”) last night… I remember last year when I didn’t win for Bodak Yellow and everyone was like Cardi got snubbed now it’s a problem?”

After that, she posted a message of encouragement from Chance the Rapper and deactivated her account and hasn’t sense said why she took the account down.

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Rapper Gucci Mane- 38

NBA legend Bill Russell- 84