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Word On The Curb: April 2 Updates on Nipsey Hustle, Nick Cannon say he will continue Nipsey Hussle’s legacy by finishing his Dr. Sebi documentary, Wendy Williams Considering Separating From Kevin Hunter, Kevin Hart Turning Oscar Drama into Comedy Special

Updates on Nipsey Hustle

The LAPD has identified the shooter in the death of Nipsey Hustle, as 29-year-old Eric Holder, who is still at large.

Last night (Monday), hundreds of people attended a memorial to pay their respects for Nipsey in front of his Marathon Clothing store. Unfortunately, the peaceful vigil turned chaotic when people began scattering across the packed parking lot. At least six people were stabbed and multiple people were trampled in the stampede.

Nick Cannon say he will continue Nipsey Hussle’s legacy by finishing his Dr. Sebi documentary.

Nipsey’s work has become a topic of conversation as he was wrapping up a documentary on Dr. Sebi, a herbalist who died mysteriously in 2016 after saying he discovered an all-natural cure for AIDS.

Nipsey spoke several times on the documentary before he died. He even said during an interview with The Breakfast Club last year that he was convinced Sebi was killed because of his work with holistic healing. 


Wendy Williams Considering Separating From Kevin Hunter

Tensions are allegedly coming to a head in the Hunter household.  There has been so much drama brewing, including health issues, a rumored pregnancy, the sober living house. Word on the Curb is Wendy is reportedly considering separating from her husband, Kevin Hunter after 22 years of marriage.


After rumors of having an alleged mistress of ten years, Sharina Hudson is said to have given birth earlier this month. Wendy’s husband Kevin Hunter is rumored to be the father. However, Kevin continues to say that everything is fine. Charlamagne tha God says what Wendy needs a break from isn’t drugs or alcohol it’s her husband.

Kevin Hart Turning Oscar Drama into Comedy Special

He’s been out promoting the premiere of his Netflix comedy special, Irresponsible and shared is intentions to create art from the Oscar drama. Remember he decided to not host the show after homophobic tweets resurfaced. Kevin says it was a pivotal moment in his life and career so it has to make light of it but it won’t be malicious or an attack on the academy. Kevin’s success has been built on turning his trials into comedy. He did it with his mom’s funeral; his dad’s drug addiction; his kids and ex-wife and how they split up. So, this will be no different. No word on when the special will be taped or aired. However,Irresponsible is available for streaming on Netflix now.

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