Women Return From Vacation To Find Strangers In Bed

You’ve heard of car-jacking before, but what about apartment-jacking?

Between mask mandates lifting as a new COVID variant surges and passengers regularly turning planes into boxing rings, vacations aren’t as relaxing as they used to be. Instead of coming home for a good night’s sleep in her own bed, Fox5 reports a woman in Greenbelt, Maryland returned to find her bed was the only thing left in her apartment, and two strangers were sleeping in it like Black Goldilocks. Unlike the little blonde freeloader, before these two trespassers left, they showed the victim how to protect her home from future break-ins in a bizarre viral video.

The Greenbelt Police Department said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous, returned from a week-long trip on April 5 to find her front door damaged. The man and woman she found laid up in her bed had made themselves at home already and told the woman that they had taken everything she owned. She told Fox5 the terrifying experience was so traumatic that she’s had nightmares and didn’t leave her apartment for a week after the incident. The apartment complex will allow her to break her lease and move after the ordeal.
“Not only were they in my home, but everything in my home was gone except for my bed because he details how he loved my bed so much. And I’m like who are you? And he says my name. He’s like you didn’t pay your rent. I’m like what are you talking about? I paid my rent.”