Woman Tries To SUE Man For $10K Over Bad First Date

Michigan woman trying to sue a man for $10,000 over a bad first date instead, got an earful from a district court judge after screaming over him in a wild Zoom court appearance, according to a video obtained by WorldStar Hip Hop.

The woman, whose name appears as QaShontae Hosomla Short-Brundidge in the Zoom video, can be seen alongside Judge Herman Marable of the 67th District Court and a man named Richard Jordan.

The judge starts the proceedings by telling her that she cannot sue for “infliction of emotional distress” in a criminal court, where the case was currently being tried. After explaining to her that she needs to file this case in circuit court, the details of the case start to become clear.

“We Had One Date, ONE Date… And Now I’m Being Sued For $10K” Man Says

When the judge asks Jordan if he plans to represent himself in this case, the man’s ensuing confusing over the entire thing comes to a head, telling him “I thought this was just gonna be thrown out” before adding “I think this is a waste of your time.”

“To be honest with you sir, I thought this was just gonna be thrown out,” Jordan deadpans to the judge. “We had a date, ONE date, and nothing else after that, and now I’m being sued for $10,000. I think this is a waste of your time.”

The judge then tells Jordan that he should file the appropriate motion to have the case dismissed, before an argument erupts between the woman and Judge Marable over the definition of the word “perjury,” which the judge questions the young woman on as she insists she had evidence that Jordan lied regarding her bad date with her.

“First of all, do you understand what perjury is?” Judge Marable asks her. “It’s a false statement made under oath. When did he lie about something that he testified about?”

An exasperated Jordan can be seen in the meantime, rubbing his eyes in disbelief at some times as the judge and the woman argued for several minutes.

Insists She Won’t Drop The Case, Even After Filing In Wrong Court

When the judge asks her if she intends on dropping the criminal case now that she knows to file in civil court, she insists she won’t drop the case, saying she will simply file another case in circuit court. The judge warns her that she cannot have two cases on the same claims, as the two begin to argue again.

“I will not sit here and go back and forth with you. Can you be quiet while I talk?” Judge Marable goes on to say after several heated minutes.

Eventually, a court employee mutes the young lady’s microphone, and the judge goes on to finish the clip by explaining some legal details to Jordan before it eventually cuts off.

The judge ultimately orders that the case be transferred to 7th Circuit Court, and that the plaintiff pay the filing fees. The woman did not ask for a jury trial, according to the paperwork, so a jury fee wasn’t applied.