Woman Reportedly Had Her Kids Help Clean Crime Scene After Shooting Husband & Chopping Up His Corpse


34-year-old Thessalonica Allen not only shot her husband and chopped up his corpse, according to police, she had her children help put his body into bags before cleaning the crime scene.

According to reports from WCAX, Allen is facing charges for murder, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, abuse of a corpse, altering the scene of death, interference with the reporting of a crime, and two counts of neglect of a dependent, which places dependents in a situation that endangers them.

The mother is being accused of shooting her husband, Randy Allen, inside of a LaPorte, Indiana apartment on Tuesday, July 27.

Both of her two kids were at the apartment at the time, saying that they heard a loud bang before seeing Randy on the ground. He reportedly asked them to call ‘911,’ but their mom told them not to. They later told police that the two were arguing after Randy confronted Thessalonica over a website she visited.