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Will Smith Accidentally “Farts” During NFL Workout

There wasn’t anything too fresh about the Prince of Bel-Air’s mid-workout fart.

In a hilariously human moment, Will Smith was caught on tape cutting the cheese while working out with the Miami Dolphins. The now-viral clip shows the 53-year-old actor offering up an apology after farting so loudly everyone in the gym heard.

“They said to relax ALL my muscles,” the comedian captioned the Instagram post he shared with his 57.1 million followers two weeks ago. To be fair, the Bad Boys for Life actor was in a pretty deep stretch when the gas was passed.

Will blamed his morning cup of coffee for the slip up –– which was only enhanced after being caught by all the hi-tech filming equipment documenting Will’s session with the Florida football team.

“Do y’all have showers in here?” the multi-hyphenate entertainer asked while everyone laughed.