West Palm Beach Man Accused Of Incestuous Rape And Impregnation Of 13-Year-Old

A 41-year-old Florida man has been accused of the incestuous rape and impregnation of a 13-year-old girl. According to KIRO 7, the man told police that “voodoo” made him have sex with the child.

  West Palm Beach police officers arrested the 41-year-old, named Jean Innocent, on December 19. The arrest was made after the 13-year-old girl was taken to St. Mary’s hospital for abdominal pain. Doctors discovered that the child was six weeks pregnant.

The Suspect Allegedly Coached The Child To Lie About The Abuse

The 13-year-old informed police that Innocent sexually abused her on four separate occasions since 2020. The most last instance of abuse occurred as recently as November, as reported by WPEC. The child told police that Innocent entered her bedroom and said, “Give me 10 minutes.” He began to have intercourse with the child who started crying and said “no.” The 13-year-old told police that Innocent then stopped and said “never mind.”

According to a probable cause affidavit, officers monitored a “one-party consent-controlled call” from the child to Innocent. During the call, the 13-year-old informed innocent that she had been throwing up. And was planning to go to the hospital for a pregnancy test. Innocent allegedly coached the child to lie and say she had relations with a fictitious boy named “Semen.” The suspect told the minor that if she told the truth, he could go to jail.


After the suspect was arrested, he was interviewed by police. According to the officers, Innocent told them that “he believes voodoo caused him to have sexual intercourse” with the child. He added that he could only recall two occasions when he sexually abused the minor.

  According to WPEC, Innocent has been hit with multiple charges. The charges include one count of impregnation of a child, two counts of sexual battery with a child, and one count of incest. The relationship between Innocent and the minor has not been disclosed, as reported by Law & Crime.