“West Palm Beach Groups” Join Forces In Hopes Of Continuing Push For “Racial Justice”!


One day after the primary election, three West Palm Beach groups are coming together to renew a call for change.

“We live in America and you know ‘I Can’t Breathe’ even though this is in spirit of George Floyd it didn’t start with him,” David Rae, co-founder of The Time is Now Florida said.

For Rae, those three words, gave him four more.

“‘The Time is Now’ is a group of concerned citizens who just want to engage the community and build a bridge between politics and people,” he explained.

It started with protests, now Rae says he wants the community to focus in on policy.

“Our action have been calling people to the city council and commission meetings,” Rae said. “Every other Monday, we go, we talk to our elected officials.”

He is enlisting back-up— first with the ‘The Uproar Project.’

“We morphed our mission to creating resources for Black owned businesses,” Jai Tahlea, co-founder of The Uproar Project said.

Then with newcomers ‘Rebuild History.’

“Through music, through visual arts, through poetry and spoken word,” Matt Brown, co-founder of Rebuild History said.

After Tuesday’s primary election, the 3 groups decided to work together, teaming up to hosts “5 days, 5 ways to Show Up.” From a chalk on the block event to a community budget assembly.

“Keep fighting just keep showing up and speaking to people and speaking to their needs,” Rae said.

Sharing with the city of West Palm Beach sounds of hope.

“This shouldn’t be like a moment of praise, it should be a moment of finally we did it, we’re together, we are standing in unity,” Tahlea said. “That’s what I want this mural to mean, honestly.”