“West Palm Beach” Ends Curfew, Effective “IMMEDIATELY”!


Mayor Keith James is ending the local state of emergency for West Palm Beach, effectively lifting the nighttime curfew.

The decision of the mayor to immediately end the curfew is due to the past week of protests that remained peaceful in the city, according to a statement from the mayor. The protests in the city started when protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while in police custody, broke out across the U.S.

“During this time, we had only eight arrests and no reports of damage to property after Sunday evening. In the last week, more than 4000 people protested peacefully at more than five demonstrations in our city. I know that the curfew was instrumental in protecting our citizens, our businesses and the demonstrators,” Mayor James said.

Some of the protests during the first week of protests were violent, with riots and looting reported. The first weekend of protests also turned violent in West Palm Beach, forcing the mayor to declare a local state of emergency.