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Wendy Williams details alleged one-night stand with Method Man

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

In today’s cringe-worthy news, Wendy Williams revealed she allegedly had a one-night stand with Wu Tang Clan rapper Method Man. 

During an interview with DJ Suss One, Wendy discussed her history with drugs, admitting, “I was addicted to coke and I quit on my own.” 

Then, out of nowhere, Wendy began detailing her alleged rendezvous, which she says took place during her “coke days” after partying at a nightclub. 

“I smoked a blunt with Red man, excuse me, Method Man while I gave him a bath and it was a one-night-stand,” she said. “And he’ll deny it, maybe not…because Method Man is still very angry at me.”

Wendy said she’s not sure why he’s still mad but she suspects it could be “for telling the truth.”

“It was one night,” she continued, detailing a fight that broke out. “We [smoked], we watched the fight, we heard the gunshots, the cops came in. He was rolling with…the whole Clan and their people and I guess I batted my eyes and rocked my shoulders, you know how I do.”

Wendy recalled asking Meth if he wanted to come over, to which he said, “yes,” before they left the club holding hands with their heads down. 

“People didn’t even realize at the time it was Wendy and one of the biggest stars, the leader of the biggest group in the world, just left, got in her Pathfinder, and went back to her penthouse in Jersey City, where she bathed him in her jacuzzi tub and smoked more. I don’t remember what he did, I’m not gonna implicate him on that.”

For clarification, DJ Suss asked Wendy if things went “all the way,” to which Wendy responded, “yes.”

By Rachel George
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