Weight Loss Jab Side Affects (semaglutide, ozempic,wegovy)

Obese people taking weight loss jabs to shed the pounds should be prepared to stay on them for life, experts have warned.

Injections of drugs like semaglutide, sold as Ozempic and Wegovy, have recently been hailed as wonder drugs for their ability to help people lose huge amounts of weight by increasing feelings of satiety.

However, a team of obesity experts say people will regain lots of weight if taken off the drug and the two-year limit is based on “health economics” alone and not centered on medical criteria.

She added that studies show people who do stop taking the medication regain much of the weight they have lost which leads to further complications, both mental and physical.

“These drugs are cost effective, specifically because it reduces the risk of developing type two diabetes, but that cost effectiveness stops after two years because the drug price continues to go up.”

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