Watch Your SPEED, The Boynton Beach Police Cracking Down In “School Zones”.

Boynton Beach police officers spent Thursday monitoring people who have been driving above the school zone speed limit or driving with distractions.

After a few hours nearby Citrus Cove Elementary School, law enforcement officials issued seven citations and three warnings.

On the first day of school Tuesday, Boynton officers issued 39 tickets for drivers who were speeding above the 20 miles per hour limit.

“We don’t want to write tickets. If we go a day without writing tickets in a school zone, we’re happy,” said Officer Vincent Mastro of the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Last year, 815 drivers received citations and 581 people were handed warnings for driving above the speed limit in those city zones. If caught, a driver would need to pay anywhere from $156 to more than $600.

Now with the first week of class, more drivers and pedestrians on the road. Law enforcement officials are working to ensure the safety of everyone.