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Watch Cardi B help marry a same-sex couple during a surprise wedding on ‘Cardi Tries’

Courtesy of Facebook Watch

Cardi B is letting fans knows she can now officiate their wedding.

“By the way WORLD I’m licensed to marry people,” the “WAP” rapper tweeted over the weekend, following the latest episode of Cardi Tries _, where Cardi took on the role of an officiant.

During the episode, which was released ahead of National Coming Out Day, Cardi, along with “ring bearer” Raven-Symoné, helped to marry same-sex couple Brandi and Shannon during their pop-up wedding.

“I do it all and this was such a fulfilling thing to do and Raven was soo fun,” Cardi continued. “I was sooo starstruck.”

The wedding surprise was initiated by bride Brandi, who enlisted both Cardi and Raven to help her marry her bride-to-be, Shannon, with an impromptu ceremony that was originally disguised as an engagement party.

“You guys are probably wondering why I’m here,” Cardi said during the event. “I’m gonna get these two beautiful ladies married.”

She continued, “It’s not only a special day for you guys. It’s a special day for me. I want to thank you guys for making me a part of your beautiful journey.”

You can watch the entire episode now on Facebook Messenger.

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