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Watch Capella Grey’s vibey new video for “Sas Crise”

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

In one of the many follow-ups to his crazy popular hit song “Gyalis,” Capella Grey dropped off a new music video that’s giving all the Jamaican and Bronx vibes the rapper is known for delivering. 

Accompanying one of his latest tracks “Sas Crise,” featuring Alayzha Sky & Ghost, the two-minute visual shows Grey in all of his dancehall glory, vibing and rap-singing alongside a group of equally hype dancers in what looks to be a warehouse-like space. 

The video was most likely shot in Uptown New York, since he reps his hometown super hard. And, due to its setting of the vivacious crowd-filled NY streets, the video mimics that of the Billboard Hot 100 breakthrough track, “Gyalis.”

Since dropping the debut hit last January, which was considered the “song of the summer” by many, Capella signed with Capitol Records. Speaking with Billboard about the achievement, among other things, Capella said, “They understood the sound I was trying to build. They understood what I’m trying to do for New York City. They understood what I was trying to do for the culture, period.”  

One of the first full projects that could drop under the Capitol banner is his upcoming collection, VR1

Head over to Capella Grey’s YouTube to “Vibe Carefully” to his latest bop and video, “Sas Crise.”

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