Washington Woman Gets 23 Years In Prison After Selling Her Daughter For Sex In Exchange For Nike Sneakers

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A Washington State woman was sentenced to 23 years in prison for selling her 6-year-old daughter for sex with a man she met online, allegedly in exchange for Nike sneakers and petty cash. Kylie Ruby Flores, 31, reportedly sold the young girl to the man, identified as Trever Harder, after meeting him via the dating website Plenty of Fish, the U.S Department of Justice reports. Harder, who filmed himself raping the girl in his apartment, promised to pay Flores with new Nike shoes and “small amounts” of cash as well with a place to stay, according to federal prosecutors.

Mother Met Man Over Dating Site And Agreed To Sell Young Daughter For Sex With Man For Shoes

Flores and Harder have since both entered guilty pleas, per the U.S Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Washington.

“The facts of this case present some of the most egregious sexual abuse of a child one can imagine,” U.S Attorney Vanessa Waldref said in a statement Wednesday after Flores’ was sentenced.

  U.S Attorney Vanessa Waldref said that the “sentence was important,” but added it was “equally important to remember that Flores’ sentence will likely be much shorter than the lifelong impact on the child.”

“Today’s sentence is important, but it is equally important to remember that Flores’ sentence will likely be much shorter than the lifelong impact on the child,” Waldref added. “No sentence can return the child’s innocence, but our community is now safer and stronger.”

Authorities claim the duo committed the heinous abuse between February 2 and July 26 of last year, according to the initial criminal indictment.

The young girl was brave enough to describe the abuse she endured at the hands of Harder, who had hidden a camera in cat tree in his apartment to film the sickening act on his couch, per prosecutors. That video, filmed last July, was eventually confiscated by authorities, the New York Post reports While Flores has received her 23-year sentence, Harder is still awaiting his sentencing after entering a guilty plea, officials said. Waldref noted the only beneficial aspect of the disgusting case was the fact that the little girl wasn’t murdered, but added that “she is not the only child in danger.”

“Thanks to an effective and cooperative investigation, she is neither missing nor murdered today — but she is not the only child in danger,” Waldref said. “Today’s sentence sends a clear message to those who seek to sexually abuse children: Justice is coming.”

While prosecutors did not immediately reveal the girl’s relationship to Flores, the Spokane Spokesman-Review ultimately identified the girl as Flores’ daughter. No mugshots or images of Flores or Harder was available as of this article’s publication.