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Want to work for Selena Gomez? Rare Beauty is hiring

ABC/Image Group LA

When Selena Gomez said she wanted to make a difference with her new cosmetics line Rare Beauty, she wasn’t lying.

Insider reports the singer’s brand, which launches this summer at Sephora, is looking to hire a Director of Social Impact. The role will be crucial to the brand’s mission of celebrating uniqueness, promoting mental health and encouraging everyone to embrace who they are.

“We had always planned on having someone lead this mission, but we felt that it was imperative to hire the best person for the job now,” Selena wrote in a statement to Insider.

“Together, we will work to make sure our brand […] shapes conversations around mental health and self-acceptance, while giving people access to more support and services,” she added.

Selena will reportedly be very involved in the hiring process. If you think you’re right for the job, the posting went live in LinkedIn today.

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