Video evidence leads to suspect in Atlanta spa shooting that left 8 people dead

A suspect is in custody after shootings at three spas in the Atlanta metro area left eight people dead. Police say video evidence led them to arrest 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long in connection with the shootings.

LeBron James says his thoughts and prayers are with the “entire Asian community” after a gun-toting maniac went on a shooting spree in Atlanta Tuesday night, killing 8 people including 6 Asian women.

“My condolences goes out to the families of all the victims and the entire Asian community tonight on what transpired in Atlanta at the Aromatherapy Spa,” Lebron said in a statement late Tuesday evening.

LeBron then tore into the shooting suspect — 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long — calling him a “Coward a** young man!!”

LeBron continued, “Just senseless and tragic!!”

Officials say Long opened fire at Young’s Asian Massage Parlor in Cherokee County, Georgia — killing 4 people and injuring 1 more.

Then, officials say Long went to the Gold Massage Spa where he killed 3 more people.

Finally, Long allegedly went across the street to the Aromatherapy Spa and killed one more person.

In total, 8 people are dead including 6 Asian women.

Officials captured Long Tuesday night by using a pit maneuver on his SUV to stop his car.

He’s since been taken into custody and charged with murder.

Investigators have neither confirmed the motive behind the shooting or confirmed if it was racially motivated.

After the incident, NBA star Jeremy Lin — who’s been speaking out against anti-Asian racism for years — also weighed in saying, “This is sooo heartbreaking … praying for our world.”

“To my Asian American family, please take time to grieve but know youre loved, seen and IMPORTANT. We have to keep standing up, speaking out, rallying together and fighting for change. We cannot lose hope! #StopAsianHate #NOW.”