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Victoria Monét talks expanding her music portfolio beyond vocal production

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As previously reported, Victoria Monét is preparing to release two additional installments of her critically-acclaimed EP, Jaguar.

The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter tells ABC Audio she’s excited to be more involved on the production side this go around. 

“I do vocal produce and then I’ve done some production within my own work…just as far as arranging strings [and] telling musicians what notes I want to play,” says Monét. “I’m not playing the MPC or playing chords but I do feel like I do produce my own music.”

“But I do foresee even more of that even outside of my own work,” she continues. “Vocal production has been a lot of fun for me. I love working with different vocalists and working on protools and arranging things that way.”

Her passion and drive for crafting music and pairing together different sounds makes Monét “feel like a nerd” [where] you kinda just geek out on the computer and do fun stuff and wear glasses, and just go there with it,” she says. “So I’m excited for more of that.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Victoria Monét’s enticing Jaguar EP features nine banging tracks, including her previous single “Dive,”  her disco-inspired track “Experience” with Khalid and SG Lewisas well as the lead single, “Moment.”

Monét’s next single, “F***,” arrives Monday, February 1st for what she calls “Monét Music Monday” on Instagram.

By Rachel George
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