Vice President Was FIRED For Posting OFFENSIVE MEME

Estée Lauder senior executive John Demsey was forced to leave the company on Monday after he shared a meme on Instagram that featured a racial slur, and of course, social media is capitalizing on this to get some jokes off about Chingy. The meme itself is not funny, especially coming from Demsey, a white man who claims he didn’t read his “My n***a Snuffy done got the ’rona at a Chingy concert” post that featured Sesame Street characters and referenced the “Holidae In” rap star.

The company has since released a statement about the sharing of the meme and how it doesn’t “reflect the values of The Estée Lauder Companies.” “This decision is the result of his recent Instagram posts, which do not reflect the values of The Estée Lauder Companies, have caused widespread offense, are damaging to our efforts to drive inclusivity both inside and outside our walls, and do not reflect the judgment we expect of our leaders,” the statement said. “Our employees, and especially our senior leaders, are accountable to continue driving our progress and to respect the values of this company for the long term.” However, many on social media took this as an opportunity to either clown Chingy, question whether a racist meme about the early aughts star was worth losing a reported $10 million yearly salary over, or just laugh about when the last time the rapper was even in the news. Check out what people had to say about  John Demsey’s job-ending meme about Chingy and COVID-19 below.