“Vice President Pence” Visits South Florida As Final Phase Of “COVID Vaccine” Testing Begins!

Vice President Mike Pence stopped in South Florida Monday to mark the start of Phase III of clinical trails for a coronavirus vaccine.

Pence praised Gov. DeSantis and said his leadership early on served as an example to the nation. The vice president then met with university leaders and researchers at the University of Miami to discuss the progress of the bio tech company Moderna’s vaccine so far, which up until this point researchers say has showed some promising results in the race to find a coronavirus vaccine.

In the meantime, the Palm Beach Research Center in West Palm Beach is still looking for people to volunteer to be part of the study. It was one of four South Florida facilities picked to participate in Phase III of the study.

“We’re trying to see if the vaccine is actually effective. Does it work,” said David Scott, the CEO of Palm Beach Research Center.