Use This Once a Week and Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing

This is a Do it yourself hair growth treatment that you can apply once a week into your curly / type 4 hair routine and it helps to promote extreme hair growth, thicken hair, nourish and protect your hair. I recommend watching the video throughout as I give important information about each ingredient. Website to shop products: Products mentioned

1. kCurlsys Moisturizing Leave in:

2. Aloe Vera

3. Banana

4. Avocado oil ( grape seed oil is a good alternative too)

5. Honey

6. Water

7. Castor oil, tea tree oil and peppermint oils are great additions Use This Twice a Week for Massive Hair Growth | Grow Your Hair To Waist Length—- How I Grew My Natural Hair To Waist length + My 4C Hair Journey, Current Routine, Wash Day Products —- 10 REASONS WHY YOUR NATURAL HAIR ISN’T GROWING PAST SHOULDER LENGTH + HOW TO FIX IT / GROW IT —- DIY EXTREME Hair Growth Deep Conditioning Butter For Natural Hair| Grow Your 4C Hair To Waist Length —-