Tyrese Ordered To Pay More Then $650k

Despite the astronomical numbers that came out of today’s hearing, Tyrese’s attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham isn’t too down about it. She tells TMZ … they will file an appeal as soon as the judge’s order is entered. She’s also filed a motion for a new trial which will be heard next month.

As for the money — Tyrese doesn’t have to pay it all at once. The judge set May 15 as the due date for about $258K of it, but Tanya says that could be pushed back once their appeal is filed.

Also, the judge made a point of saying Tyrese has been paying child support all along, just not the $10K/month the court ordered — instead, he’s been paying $2,236/month. The $237K represents the monthly difference he owes, plus interest.

The judge Tyrese publicly called out before his child custody hearing is ordering him to fork over nearly $250K to his ex-wife, and almost $400K to her attorney!
The actor/singer was in Fulton County court Tuesday to deal with his ongoing child support battle with Samantha Lee Gibson — the main issue being Tyrese refusing to pay the $10,000/month he was ordered to pay last August, because he felt the judge was “racist” and biased against him.

Also, as he stated on the stand today, Tyrese feels the $10K is excessive — he claims Samantha doesn’t need that much, because she makes good money on her own.