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Tyler, The Creator admits he will be voting for the first time, begs fans to do the same

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Another celebrity broke their silence about politics with Tyler, The Creator coming clean about his voting record.  The Grammy winner admitted that he has never cast a single ballot, but will change that for the upcoming presidential election.

The “See You Again” rapper opened up Monday in a two minute IGTV video, challenging fans to show up at the polls on November 3.

Tyler — born Tyler Gregory Okonma — expressed how important it is for the Millennial or Gen-Z generations to vote because so much is on line.

“I know I’m the last person y’all should ever take advice from but I’m reiterating what everyone else is saying. Please, please if you are young and your [stupid] back don’t hurt, go to them polls and cast the [dang] vote,” the 29-year-old rapper leveled with fans.

“This is actually going to be my first time voting. But I see the light,” Okonma furthered, adding that it’s no longer his place to not care about what’s happening around him.

He also slammed those who believe their votes don’t matter, snapping, “Pull up” when bringing up how energized people were to support Black Lives Matter and join the nationwide protests.

“Y’all want a new DA?  Pull up,” the Insecure TV writer challenged, adding that if people want more rights or freedoms, they can accomplish that by expressing their voice at the polls.

Okonma revealed that he will be casting his ballot because he wants “more art in schools and more music classes in schools” before remarking that he’s also voting to defend women’s rights and marriage equality.

“If we want to keep some of those options, then we have to start somewhere,” he concluded. “If we want any of that, then y’all know what to do.”

By Megan Stone
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