Tyler James Williams, “I AM NOT GAY”

Tyler James Williams, who stars in Abbott Elementary, has responded to claims that he is gay and warns that the practice of outing people is fostering a “dangerous” culture.

Tyler said in a long post, “I’m not gay. Overanalyzing someone’s behavior in an attempt to ‘catch’ them directly contributes to the anxiety a lot of queer and queer questioning people feel when they fear living in their truth.”

It’s obvious Tyler has seen social media posts that imply he displays some gay “behavior,” and he claims that the trend of looking for a “hidden trait” makes it difficult, if not hazardous, for secret LGBTQ people to be themselves.

His entire letter is quite enlightening and unmistakably stems from a desire to continue being an ally.

He added, “I pray that you feel seen in ways that make you feel safe in the celebration that is this month.”