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Two Democratic House of Representatives Expelled in Tennessee

Three Tennessee Lawmakers Face Expulsion After Joining Gun Protest
NASHVILLE, TN – APRIL 06: A protester stands in the house gallery at the Tennessee State Capitol building to call for gun reform laws and show support for the three Democratic representatives who are facing expulsion on April 6, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. Democratic Reps. Justin Pearson of Memphis, Justin Jones of Nashville, and Gloria Johnson of Knoxville face expulsion from the state legislature after they led a protest at the Capitol in the wake of a mass shooting where three students and three adults were killed on March 27 at the Covenant School in Nashville. (Photo by Seth Herald/Getty Images)



Some people are scratching their heads today as Republican legislators in Tennessee voted Thursday to expel two Black Democrats from the state House over their protests against gun violence.




The controversy is over the two being expelled and the other representative who is white not being expelled.



According to the newspaper The Tennessean, the democrat who was not expelled Gloria Johnson who is white told her supporters that “America should be worried that she wasn’t expelled because of the color of her




The fact that it is 2023 and this is still happening is really sad.