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Tweet says she's experiencing "unconditional love" in her new relationship

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These days, Southern Hummingbird Tweet is bursting with love, happiness and “unconditional” love, as heard on her new single, “Never Felt This Way.”

The melodic track details a fulfilling relationship, which Tweet says she now experiences in real-life. 

“Well, the inspiration came from after getting over a rough heartbreak. I really desired to find someone that could show me a form of love that was unconditional and something that I’ve never felt before,” Tweet tells ABC Audio. “And when I wrote it, I hadn’t met that person yet. But then I finally met that person.”

She continued, “You know what they say, be careful what you speak, because as I’m singing, speaking it out [loud], it really returned to me. So there is someone that has my heart.”

Tweet admits her new relationship is “not perfect,” but it’s the exact “definition of unconditional love.”

“He’s like my best friend and we talk about everything,” she said. “…He’s taught me how to receive [unconditional love], not only receive it but also give it.”

Tweet says the new album is “done” and unofficially titled…In Love, a nod to the “ins and outs of love.”

“So you can be dangerously in love. You can be hurtfully in love,” she continues. “So that’s what the album is about. It’s the ins and outs of love. And it’s on that same wavelength that you hear on ‘Never Felt This Way.'” 

By Rachel George
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