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Tweet explains how she stays true to herself as an R&B artist

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Singer Tweet is in full album mode and ready to release her first project since 2016’s Charlene.


The “Never Felt Like This” singer picked a unique time to submerge herself back into the R&B landscape of the music industry. But she tells ABC Audio, she’s committed to “staying” in her own lane, thanks to some advice from her longtime collaborator Missy Elliot. 

“I’ve never wanted to be or sound like anybody else so I decided to just stick with what I do best and that’s to be me,” says Tweet. “And that was the great advice that Missy gave me. As long as I stay true to myself, I don’t have to compromise.”

Tweet says she plans on continuing to stay true to herself, despite people’s mixed perceptions on what R&B music is today. 

“I think people’s perception or their idea of what R&B is these days is not R&B,” she says. “It’s just rap music with R&B songs that they’ve sampled and stuff. So it’s really not real R&B.”

Tweet says she was “taught to never really listen to the outside world” by Jodeci member DeVante Swing.

In the early 1990s, Tweet joined the female trio, Sugah, as part of Devante’s Swing Mob collective, although the group never released an album. While there, she met Missy, Timbaland, and Tim Magoo, who were also part of the collective.

Tweet recalls not being able to watch videos or listen to “what other people were doing” in order to “hone into our true craft or who we are.”

“And that’s what has kept me from then to now,” adds Tweet. “I don’t want to sound like anybody else. I want to say true to me.” 

By Rachel George
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