“Turkeys” For Teachers!

This week, teachers in Delray Beach are in for a Thanksgiving surprise.

All week, at six of Palm Beach County’s Title I schools, teachers and staff will receive free turkeys from the local non-profit “Eat Better, Live Better.” It’s a donation meant to show gratitude for school employees who’ve had to go through so much this year.

“We did choose Title I schools because those teachers tend to spend a lot of their own money for their children,” said Debra Tendrich, president of Eat Better Live Better. “A lot of times they invest their own money for gifts, food, and supplies for their own children. I just feel like we don’t appreciate them enough.”

Of their many stops, one was at Orchard View Elementary in Delray Beach, where the organization donated more than 90 turkeys.

“I had no idea,” said Marla Schuyler, a P.E. teacher. “Ii was in complete shock.”

After the most challenging semester of their careers, teachers got the small “thank you” they needed.

“In the morning, you are one person. In the afternoon, you are another one,” said Yazmine Frydman, a 3rd grade teacher. “It’s been really hard and challenging, but we’re making it.”

The donation is small, but meant the world to the teachers. It was meant to take off stress from their plates and fill it full with food and love.

“Sometimes you drive home and you feel like you’re alone,” said Schuyler. “Then you hear about the support from your fellow teachers or your administration and from the community, you feel like ‘I can do this. I can do this another day, or another week, or another month.'”

The surprises have gone on all week and will continue through Friday. The organization will donate about 800 turkeys, They say the long term goal, is to donate a free turkey to ever teacher in Palm Beach County, every year.