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Trey Songz educates fan on Black love following the video release of his new single, "Circles"

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Trey Songz latest ballad, “Circles,” has apparently got fans in their feelings.

In a new Instagram post, Trey shared the trailer of his new video for “Circles,” explaining that the song is “centered… around black love and some of [the] circles we go through in relationships.”

While most fans seemed to love the idea of a song and video focused on “Black love,” one commenter seemed to take issue with how Trey chose to label love.

“Why is “black” love different from “white” love,” the fan wrote in his comments, captured by The Shade Room. “Love IS love.”

Soon after the comment, Trey offered some insight, explaining that Black love hasn’t been authentically represented in the media.

“Because black love families were torn apart purposely,” he wrote in response. “Mother’s raped [and] Men taken from homes.”

“America has always wanted the black family separated because of the strength we have when we are one,
Trey continued. “They go so far as to say black fathers don’t exist and black love doesn’t exist. So pardon me while I show black love an not all love.”

Trey also educated the fan on why Black love is also very complicated.

“The stereotypes, the hardships, the black man and black woman get the bottom of the barrel in America,” he said. “So when you’re fighting for love and fighting against the worlds obsession with the oppression of your people, there are underlying pains in your relationships that are not in others.”

“Circles” will be part of Trey’s highly anticipated eighth studio album, Back Home. The project, which does not yet have an official release date, will be the artist’s first full-length release in over three years.

“Circles” is available for streaming or purchase on all digital platforms.

By Candice Williams
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