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Trey Songz and Fabolous concert shut down due to overcapacity concerns amid COVID-19

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Trey Songz and Fabolous were all set to make an appearance at a Houston nightclub Saturday before fire marshals shut down the party. 


Houston’s ABC 13 reports about 200 people were waiting in line to enter Club Spire, which was already packed beyond capacity inside, according to the city’s Fire Marshal’s office. 

“If there was an emergency, a fire or something that would have occurred inside, we would have had a massive loss of life because the means of entry,” said Fire Chief Samuel Pena. “The exits were blocked.”

Some of the individuals waiting in line traveled as far as New Orleans for an event called “The Black Affair,” hosted by both Songz and Fabolous. The club’s management decided to close for the night, opting not to re-open within capacity guidelines, according to Pena. 

Neither Trey Songz or Fabolous has yet to address the event. By Sunday, Fabolous was spotted in G5 Nightclub in Miami, according to Instagram. 

While the backlash heated up on social media, fans began to criticize both rappers, as well as Bow Wow, who performed at another Houston party. A Twitter video shows Bow performing his song, “Like You,” for a packed crowd of club-goers, with only two mask-wearing patrons in sight.

“Imagine getting COVID-19 and possible dying because you went to see Bow Wow!” wrote one fan, while another wrote,”Y’all risking your lives for a Bow Wow and Trey Songz & Fabulous concerts pls.”

Texas has 2,127,111 confirmed COVID-19 cases and at least 32,600 fatalities, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

By Rachel George
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